Winter is Among US!

Winter is Among US!

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Winter is Upon US!

We’ve just hit the Winter season, making now the perfect time to start preparing your rental property from water damage and tenant turnover caused by the inevitable Wellington weather! As we all know, Wellington is home to some of the windiest, coldest weather in the North Island!


So, let’s go over a few things which may help you keep those tenants happy!


Protection Against Dampness


As moisture accumulates, dampness and mould are bound to occur. The key is being preventative, we recommend that you install extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms – this rids any excess moisture which occurs.


Additionally, you can opt to make the property as sunny as possible by pruning or cutting down surrounding trees that shade the property, and encourage tenants to regularly open windows for airflow. Conversely, if shaded areas aren’t exposed to light for long periods of time, mould and moss is indefinitely bound to grow.


If you know your property often gets damp, providing tenants with a dehumidifier is a great, cost-efficient way to maintain your investment property and keep your tenants happy. You won’t regret this one!


Keep The Gutters Clean


Overflowing gutters can cause excessive damage to your investment property if they’re not cleared of debris. A simple tool such as a gutterwand can keep the gutters squeaky clean, alternatively, any tradesmen who is experienced with homes is more than handy when it comes to this job.


If a gutter cracks, the leaking it causes can create a huge amount of expensive interior and exterior property damage – potentially lowering the property value, rent value, and tenant demand. Not to mention the call you’ll be receiving at 3am due to a leaky ceiling.


Protect your property by regularly clearing the gutters, and install leaf guards on the gutters and extensions on the downspouts to direct water off the property.


Insulation Regulations are Coming Around!


Temperatures are dropping below our usual summer months! Protect your rental property from the cold with ceiling and underfloor insulation. The recent Residential Tenancies Act amendment requires all rental properties to have ceiling and floor insulation installed by 1st July 2019.


We’ve covered this in depth in our previous articles and can’t stress enough how crucial this is! Try not to leave it too late, installing insulation usually increases the rent and the tenant demand towards your property, helping pay off the mortgage even quicker and increasing your profits – a benefit many landlords may miss out on in 2019 when insulation is no longer a profitable point of difference between Wellington rental properties.


Find the Most Efficient Heating!


Good heating is a huge draw card for tenants, heat pumps being the most attractive option. Avoid unflued gas heaters, as these can introduce moisture and condensation into the property, causing dampness. Heatpumps usually pay themselves off within a few months, why not give us a call today to organise a tradesmen to give you a quote!


Windy Wellington


Protect your rental property from the chilling Wellington winds with a few cost-efficient solutions. Tighten or repair door hinges, add weather stripping to seal gaps around windows and doors, and fit draught stoppers under doors to significantly improve the living conditions of your property and help reduce tenant turnover.



If any of these improvements have sparked your interest, we’re here to help you out! We are connected with the tradesmen of Wellington and can organise any quote for you – big or small.