The Legal Changes that CONCERN YOU

The Legal Changes that CONCERN YOU

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The Legal Changes that CONCERN YOU


As we’ve all heard; the latest legislative changes are bound to hit hard. The RTA is essentially being rewritten before our very eyes and the results will speak for themselves. Take for example, the changes to the Health and Safety at Work in regard to Asbestos; as we can already forecast, this is set to cause quite a challenge for private landlords.


Asbestos Alterations


From April 2018; where we are at the moment, the properties held in tenancy will require an asbestos register if there is potential that the property is at risk of asbestos – something that is well overdue. As always, we’re looking out for our tenants; this is a huge concern for us and something that we’ll be monitoring very carefully. We’ve been teaming up with our local Wellington Asbestos removal specialists to ensure we’re ahead of the ball on this one.


Prior to an asbestos remover coming in, an analysis is required from an independent qualified assessor to ascertain the risk of asbestos to the residents. Real IQ went further to say, “this applies to buildings built in the pre-mid 1990’s, it could mean approximately 75% or more of all rental stock would need an asbestos assessment plan”.


Asbestos is a proven risk, as we care for our property owners as much as our tenants, we highly recommend that prior to having asbestos tests conducted that you contact us. We work for our property owners on the basis that all of our properties are compliant with the RTA and this means eliminating exposure to anything considered harmful – Asbestos or even Methamphetamine residue.


If, however, you as a landlord have decided to take matters into your own hands, we would like to remind you that Section 1.6.1 of the Code of Practice states that the Act, Regulations and Code do not apply to home occupants who conduct ‘do it yourself’ work on their own home.


Same Old Smoke Alarms?


Following on from asbestos removal, we’ve let you know of the smoke alarm alterations which are in effect as of the 1st of July which will require every house to have smoke alarms that are installed and functional. These alarms will require long life batteries as well as a photoelectric sensor. In defence of home owners, tenants will be required to replace worn-out batteries in the smoke alarms and will need to inform the property owner of any issues.


The Possibility of Tenancy Abandonment


As of the new law, the introduction of expediting the entire process – entitling the landlord to regain possession of their property far more efficiently than it has been in the past. A tenancy adjudicator will have contribution to the goings on after the owner has put forward an abandonment application.


The Take Home


As we can see, the RTA alterations will affect the way you do business with your rental property, but, it doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Just come and have a chat to us about the possibilities of property management – avoiding all of the run around associated with managing your property!