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This form will collect the necessary information for Quinovic to conduct the transfer of property management process on your behalf. Simply enter the required information and our team will take care of the rest at no cost to you


Transfer of Property Management Authority

Please be advised that Quinovic Te Aro will be taking over the management of the property or properties listed below. Notice period shall be in accordance with the management agreement terms with your agency.

Quinovic Te Aro is hereby appointed as the new Property Manager and from this point forward will handle contact on my behalf regarding property management handover. Accordingly we request your immediate assistance with the smooth transfer of files including all relevant documents (as below) and the property keys.

  • All Tenancy Agreements
  • All copies of signed Tenancy Renewal Agreements
  • All rental records relating to above tenancies
  • Any rental arrears, full rent payment ledger of tenant, 14 Day Notices, and any Tribunal hearings/mediations including results
  • Property condition report from the commencement of the tenancy
  • Signed Change of Landlord Bond Form
  • All contact details relating to the Tenant
  • All keys, swipe cards, remotes etc
  • Any outstanding maintenance issues relating to the property
  • Details of any regular creditors who may attend to the property, for example lawn and garden maintenance contractors
  • A copy of the full chattels list
  • Body Corporate rules if applicable

Make the switch

We make changing property managers simple! And unlike other property management companies, we won’t charge you high fees for switching to us. And if your current property manager charges a penalty for leaving your contract early, we’ll cover the costs! We handle everything from start to finish including the paperwork and getting the keys to make the transition easy and stress free.

What Are The Costs?

The great news is putting your rental property under our expert management won’t cost you anything, we’ll happily complete the transition for you at no cost. Unless stated in your existing management agreement, your current agent can’t apply penalties or transfer costs, however, if they do charge a fee we’ll happily cover the cost.

What Work Does It Involve?

There’s no need for you to worry about the work involved. Once your decision is made, we inform your current property management company of the change, and arrange the transfer of management for your property at no cost.

How Will My Tenants Be Affected?

After taking over the management, our team will contact your current tenants for you, providing written notice of the change and our contact details. We will also record chattels, inspect the property, and provide a welcome pack which outlines our inspection expectations, insurance advice, and other important information to help the transition go smoothly.

Switching your property management company to Quinovic  is fast, simple, and free, so there’s no need to hesitate. If you’re interested in learning more about how our management expertise can help you and maximize your property investment return :-

Click here here to email Robbert our Business Development Manager, or call him today on +64 21 831 675 today.

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Personal service

Our property managers look after each property as if it were their own. We understand what you need and deliver what you want.


99.8% of our tenants pay their rent on time. Less than 0.1% of tenants end up in the tribunal court. The numbers reflect our excellent property management services.


We are property investors at Quinovic. We’ll manage your property portfolio as we do ours – with care and attention.


You’ll have real-time access to your accounts on mobile, tablet or browser through our customer portal.


Our extensive experience ensures we select the best tenants for your property