Our Fees

Property Management


When you sign your property with us you can be sure that you are receiving the best quality property management at the best possible price. Our fees are all inclusive and allow property owners to be certain that nothing has been left to chance! The list below includes a tiny amount of what we can do for you. You truly cannot find a better deal.


If there are any features not on the list below that you would like us to provide, or if you have any questions about our services please click here to contact us.


Our standard package includes:

– The marketing of your property

– Managing the applications of any prospective tenants

– Collecting rents and following proper procedures if tenants fall behind

– Conducting inspections and reporting to property owners the results of that inspection

– On call 24/7 support for any emergency maintenance issues


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In summary we are proud to offer a complete management service. This means that you can be sure your investment is delivering the best possible returns without worrying there is a bill around the corner.


Casual Letting Service


We pride ourselves on having simple and transparent fees. That is why our casual letting service fee is simply one weeks rent (plus GST). This service includes:


– Advertising your property across a range of sources

– Managing the applications of prospective tenants and ensuring they are suitable

– Collecting the bond from the prospective tenants

– Negotiating, preparing and signing the Tenancy Agreement

–  Providing advice to owners on the state of the rental market


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What You'll Never Be Charged


With many property management companies you can often find dozens of hidden charges, fees, levies and expenses that make things a lot more expensive than you thought.


Quinovic Te Aro doesn’t agree with this mentality and wants to make your investment is as stress free as possible. That is why when you sign with us these are just a few things of what you won’t find:


– No hidden costs, fees or charges

– No fee for rental appraisals

– No disbursement fee

– No monthly ‘Administration’ fee

– No annual fee

– No holding fees

– No maintenance bond

– No charges for digital photos

– No travel costs or mileage fees

– No charge for Credit Checks

– No charge for Annual Financial Statements

– No professional photography fee

– No Tenancy Renewal fee

– No Tenancy Database Check fee

– No Insurance Claim processing fee

– No ‘Special Payment’ fee

– No Rent Increase fee

– No ‘Outside of Normal Hours’ fee


Without any of these fees you can always be sure that you are getting a great deal. As property managers it is our job to make sure your investment is both stress free, and delivering the best possible return.


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OUR team

Why Choose Us

Personal service

Our property managers look after each property as if it were their own. We understand what you need and deliver what you want.


99.8% of our tenants pay their rent on time. Less than 0.1% of tenants end up in the tribunal court. The numbers reflect our excellent property management services.


We are property investors at Quinovic. We’ll manage your property portfolio as we do ours – with care and attention.


You’ll have real-time access to your accounts on mobile, tablet or browser through our customer portal.


Our extensive experience ensures we select the best tenants for your property