How to Manage a Long Distance Rental Property


Whether it is your inherited property somewhere afar from where you live or you have invested outside of your home town, renting it out comes with additional challenges for you as a long-distance landlord.

While it’s a great way to bring in additional income, managing the rental property far away is more than just selecting tenants and collecting rents. From a long distance you need to become exceptionally proficient in managing people and exhibit a great skill of communication and decision-making. Below, we have compiled the most needful tips to follow for the long-distance landlord:


Select Tenants through Strict Screening


As you won’t be close to the property and will visit on rare times, it is important that you select tenants who are trustworthy, take care of the property like their own and are long-term occupancy potentials. Make sure you go through a detailed background check and review each tenant carefully, talking to their previous landlords as well, if possible.


Have Good Knowledge of the Area


You have property in the specific town or region and therefore you must be well aware of all the aspects related to property rules and procedures, society, return you can expect from the rental property and all the other related details.


Maintain a List of Local Service Providers


There will be times when you will be required by the tenants to look after certain repair works, maintenance issues and so. For this you must be well aware of the quality service providers in the local region. Keep a list of them, communicate with them, make sure they know about your property and can readily correspond to your needs in a timely way when required.


Inspect Your Property Regularly


Regular visits and inspection of the property is must. This includes property inspection before a tenant moves in, after they move out, and on other occasions like a complaint about a fault or repair work, upgrade requirement or a simple assessment.


Communicate Regularly


When renting out a property to a tenant, list down ways and the time they can reach to you to talk. Also, ask them about their preferred medium to communicate and see if you can communicate via that. Keep your communication lines open so that the tenants don’t feel ignored or neglected. This also goes for the property managers you have hired; you must be in regular communication with them to check up on the property and tenants.


Hire Quality Property Management Service Providers


For all the above listed tips, you can hire a property manager. With your professional and family commitments taking your time and focus, you need someone who can take care of the rental property on your behalf and help in bringing high return with full satisfaction and comfort to the tenants. Make sure that you pick experienced property managers who are experienced and fully able to manage a property in the particular region with high-end skills in administration, sales, communication, and technology.

Hiring a property manager for long-distance rental property will help you save costs in the long-run, managing tenancy occupancy, maintenance problems, reaching out to and screening tenants proficiently and handling other troubles.


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