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How to Manage a Long Distance Rental Property

  Whether it is your inherited property somewhere afar from where you live or you have invested outside of

Banks Drop Mortgage Rates To Historic Low

Last on the 15th of November, TSB cut it’s one year mortgage rate to 3.95%. Meaning for the first time in h

Will You Be Better Off With Letting Fee Changes?

    On Wednesday the 31st of October, Parliament officially passed the Residential Tenancie

Five Major Benefits of a Professional Property Management Service over Self-Management

  Managing a rental property takes more than it looks from the outside. There are plenty of tasks at hand

Everything’s Coming Up Roses for Property Investors

  While the media may make the world seem like a dark and gloomy place there has never been a better time to be

Making Your Investment Stress Free

With today's news of an Auckland property owner engaging a bailiff to remove their property’s illegal occupants (

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