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Free appraisals and consultations

Perhaps you’re looking to invest in a rental property and would like advice on its suitability and what the yield could be. Alternatively, you may want some advice about your current rental property and would like some tips on effective management. We offer free appraisals and consultations so that you are a well-informed investor.

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Personal service

Our property managers look after each property as if it were their own. We understand what you need and deliver what you want.


99.8% of our tenants pay their rent on time. Less than 0.1% of tenants end up in the tribunal court. The numbers reflect our excellent property management services.


We are property investors at Quinovic. We’ll manage your property portfolio as we do ours – with care and attention.


You’ll have real-time access to your accounts on mobile, tablet or browser through our customer portal.


Our extensive experience ensures we select the best tenants for your property