Five Major Benefits of a Professional Property Management Service over Self-Management

Five Major Benefits of a Professional Property Management Service over Self-Management

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Managing a rental property takes more than it looks from the outside. There are plenty of tasks at hand such as; the amount of time it takes managing the property, minimizing the risks of liabilities and meeting the legal requirements of property ownership.

This is why hiring a professional property management service makes sense. They take care of everything you could need expertly and conveniently, letting landlords have peace of mind as well as generate maximum return from the property. We will discuss about some of the key benefits of hiring professional property managers over self-managing:


1) Skilled Screening


When you are renting out your property, not only do you want good returns, but tenants who can take great care of your property, pay rent on time and have an amazing background. Recognising and deciding on an applicant can be really puzzling. Professional property managers know what to look for, what questions to ask and how to assess their tenancy credibility.


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 2) Managing Vacancies


When a property is vacated, it puts the owner at risk of losing money fast, especially if it is mortgaged. For a busy property owner, tasks like advertising and managing vacancies are highly time-consuming. A professional manager, on the other hand, leverages their experience and expertise to ensure the vacancy time period is as short as possible without getting bad tenants.


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3) Handling Legal Issues


For any legal issue that arises, property management professionals have the experience to deal with it. Meaning that property owners can sleep at night. A property manager will ensure that everything is legally compliant and that all processes and actions are compliant with the Government’s regulations.


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4) Creating Lease Agreements


For property owners, creating and implementing lease agreements can be a daunting task. A professional property manager is well equipped and experienced in creating lease agreement, sending out notices, handling any possible issues and everything else. Incorporating informed practices and so, on behalf of the property owner.

We know that property owners have other important things in life to take care of. Managing small and major aspects of a rental property can be a headache and often leads to mismanagement, high rate of vacancy and minimum returns. A professional property management firm can make your task easy, convenient and cost-effective so you can have peace of mind!


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5) Trust Account


If the GFC taught us anything it was the importance of our trust account. At Quinovic Te Aro we believe that rent money is your money! That is why whenever a tenant pays rent, that money is placed in our trust account, from which it goes straight to you less any fees. This differs from other property management companies where collected rent goes into the general kitty and their property managers go into a panic every month trying to make sure that they can afford to send you your money!

Our model creates certainty with our property owners, so they can be sure that their returns will be delivered every week. Even if we all fell down the stairs tomorrow and can’t get into work!


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