Everything’s Coming Up Roses for Property Investors

Everything’s Coming Up Roses for Property Investors

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While the media may make the world seem like a dark and gloomy place there has never been a better time to be a property investor! This is because our property owners are maximizing their investment in the competitive rental market while watching their capital gain increase! If you feel like you’re missing out, between rising rents and rising Wellington property prices, now is the time to act to maximize both your returns, and your earning potential. This behavior is typical of the New Zealand rental market. In Auckland a 48 level apartment building is under construction in the CBD and in Nelson rental properties are returning a net 7% rental yield. Showing that the property market is strong and that there is a huge demand for rental properties. Over the last year alone, one property in Crofton Downs had over 50 requests for viewings within the first two days of its listing.


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Now is the time to act and make your investment work for you! Even if you only own one property, by leveraging the value of your current property to buy additional investment. You can generate a huge return from a shockingly low risk. Not only that but if you own a significant amount of the equity of your current portfolio then you may be able to expand without having to pay any out of pocket costs!


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Don’t believe me? Here are the numbers. While it’s common knowledge the rents always cool when the weather does, the national median rent compared to this time last year is up 7.59%. Closer to home, the median rent for a 3-bedroom house in Wellington is up 8.18% and the median rent for a 2 bedroom flat is up 14.63%! With summer on the backdoor there is no better time to start expanding your property portfolio and maximize your possible returns over the important summer months.


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Simply give us a call to arrange a free consultation of your property. We have an expert team of property managers who would love to tell you what your property is worth in the modern market. Not only that but we have close ties with leading banks and top preforming real estate agents throughout Wellington. So if you want to expand your investment you couldn’t be in better hands. At the very least give us a call to make sure that your investment is delivering best possible return. So many people have no idea of what their property is worth and are being under priced in the market as a result. Our free rental appraisal will ensure that you know what your property is worth and may put more money in your pocket every week.


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